AVANTI FRANCESCO! (formerly Pope Benedict XVI'S Project)

An Alliance for Intercessory Prayer and Promotion of Papal Objective

In a recent phone call between Holy Father Francis and General Curia of Society of Jesus,
Brother Wobeto (Jesuits General’s personal secretary) said:

- Holy Father, we are praying much for you.
- Praying for what? - asked the Pope.
- To go ahead or to go back?
- To go ahead - said Wobeto and burst into the General’s office with mobile to his ear and still speaking (...).

We follow the Jesuits and declare full support for this "go ahead"!
Threreby we transform Project Fan Club B16 to Project Avanti Francesco! (Go ahead Francis!).

In our work/mission we continue to spread the teachings of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI.

Members of the Alliance share in the Holy Father's concern for the worldwide Catholic Church (see 2 Cor 11:28), along with its accompanying afflictions which lead to the Kingdom of God. (see Acts 14.22 et Phil 4 , 14, Rev 1.9, J 16.33, Rom 5.3,2 Corinthians 7:4).

Membership in the Alliance requires a firm support for the Pope's objectives and efforts through devout prayerand a desire to promote Papal teachings and principles. Membership may be held in either of the two levels described below:

A prospective member pledges:

  1. To bolster and sustain the ministry of Benedict XVI and the Holy See through regular prayer of a frequency and duration of a person’s own choice. Prayer should be intensified especially at times of particular danger, according to the Word of God (Acts 12:5). Membership in the Alliance is obtained by signing a Declaration of Prayer Support which is endorsed by a member of the Alliance or by a Catholic priest..
  2. To strive to know, understand, and consistently implement into the life of the Church the teachings of Benedict XVI. To this end, a minimum of one page of the Joseph Ratzinger/ Benedict XVI’s writings should be read and studied weekly.
  3. To protect and preserve the good name of the Holy Father and spare him embarrassment by avoiding unrighteous and unreasonable behavior; in particular by taking all measures to avoid in one’s actions the principle, "the end justifies the means."

A cooperative member, in accordance with an Alliance leader’s plan, further pledges:

  1. To undertake actions aimed at promoting the teaching of Joseph Ratzinger /Benedict XVI. In particular the member will become actively involved in the initiatives undertaken or supported by the Holy See or by the Joseph Ratzinger Foundation.
  2. To cooperate for the good of the Church and humanity with all social groups by supporting the ministry of truth and justice. All actions should be grounded on a sound spiritual discernment and respect for autonomous initiatives and/or projects.
  3. To pass once a year a proficiency exam on one of the lesser works of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI. Doing this will help a member to avoid falling into the error of quantity rather than quality in efforts on behalf of the Holy Father’s objectives.

No member is to be exempt from the above requirements. The higher a member’s position, the higher should be the achieved level of learning. Failure to pass the exam or avoid taking it will result in membership cancellation. The Encyclical "Deus Caritas” should be the first work to be studied by each Alliance member.